Window-Related Problems That Occur Due to Improper Installation

Window-Related Problems That Occur Due to Improper Installation
As a home improvement contractor completing window replacement projects for the homeowners you serve, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the importance of proper installation practices. It truly doesn’t matter how outstanding the windows you offer are if they’re not properly installed by your team. In fact, there are plenty of window-related problems that can occur due to improper installation, which is why top-tier workmanship should be a serious priority for you and your team of installers.

What Types of Problems Can Occur When Windows Aren’t Properly Installed?

Think about what homeowners want out of their replacement windows. Visual appeal, energy efficiency, durability, and security are all important factors, and they can all be impacted with faulty installation. Some of the problems that can present themselves due to shoddy workmanship are as follows:

Operation Issues

If a window isn’t installed the right way, it can impact the way it operates. If it’s a single- or double-hung window, it’s possible that the sash will be hard to lift up and pull down, whereas with a style such as casement or awning, the lever may not work as it should. When functionality is hampered in such a way, it can cause great frustration for a homeowner.


One of the last things a homeowner wants to deal with after investing in replacement windows is having air enter and escape their home through the window. In fact, it’s likely that draftiness was one of the reasons they got rid of their old windows in the first place. When hot air escapes a home during the winter or enters it during the summer, it can make it more difficult for the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature. The harder the HVAC has to work, the more the homeowner will have to pay for their monthly heating and cooling costs.

Condensation Between Window Panes

When improperly installed, multi-paned windows may suffer from condensation appearing between the glass panes. Not only is that problematic for the home in terms of energy efficiency, but it also doesn’t look good. New windows should offer visual appeal to the interior and exterior of a home, not take away from it.

Uneven Appearance

If the leveling is off, a newly installed window simply won’t look right. New windows should perfectly fit into their gaps and if they don’t, that can have a significant impact on both energy efficiency and curb appeal. Again, these are problems that will have a homeowner feeling like their investment in new windows was pointless, as their old windows likely had the same issues.

Decreased Property Value

The aforementioned problems are just a portion of what a homeowner might deal with if their new windows aren’t correctly installed. There are far more issues that can arise, and each one can damage the homeowner’s property value. That’s certainly not going to be easy to stomach if the house is going on the market soon.

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