An Industry-Leading Double-Hung Window Manufacturer

Double-Hung Window Manufacturer

When you’re in need of a double-hung window manufacturer, Regency Plus Windows is your best bet. Since 1997, we have been utilizing the best possible materials to craft top-tier window options for homeowners all over the country. While we offer a variety of styles, our double-hung windows are exceptionally popular due to the classic appearance they can provide for any home.

Double-Hung Windows Offer Homes More Than Just Classic Beauty

At Regency Plus Windows, our goal is to produce vinyl windows that are well-rounded in terms of performance and functionality. So, while the beauty of double-hung replacement windows can be an upgrade for any home, ours provide even more benefits, including:

  • Durability – As with all of our vinyl windows, our double-hung options are extremely durable. With steel-reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass, these windows can hold up against severe weather and can even stand strong against a bowling ball.
  • Energy efficiency – Because saving energy is a high priority for so many homeowners, we engineer our windows to exceed ENERGY STAR® performance guidelines across the country, making them a perfect investment for any home.
  • Easy operation and maintenance – These double-hung windows feature a full-width lift rail and constant force balance system to ensure easy operation, allowing you to open your windows with ease any time you want to enjoy some fresh air. Plus, the sashes tilt inward to help make the cleaning and maintenance process easier.

Whether you want to invest in double-hung windows directly with us or through one of the dealers in our network, we know you’ll be satisfied with your home’s upgrade.

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