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Hopper Window Manufacturer

Hopper windows are a smaller style of window that tilts inward or outward to open. This design is most often seen in basements, where the tilt can block debris from entering the home, and in bathrooms, where the high level of the window can offer light while still providing privacy. At Regency Plus Windows, we are the experts in all styles of vinyl windows. And, as a trusted hopper window manufacturer, we can help you determine if this is the right window style for your needs.

Hopper Window Benefits

Hopper windows can offer much-needed light and ventilation for basements and other rooms that need it most. While these windows are designed to catch a lot of dirt, choosing a hopper window that tilts inward can help make it easy to keep these windows clean as well. As with any well-built window made today, hopper windows can provide excellent energy efficiency for your home, as well as exceptional safety and security.

Why Choose Regency Plus Windows as Your Hopper Window Manufacturer

At Regency Plus Windows, we manufacture all of our vinyl windows to stand the test of time. As a trusted hopper window manufacturer with decades of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to create a durable and long-lasting window. Our special Miracle Glass can withstand the impact of a bowling ball, and our frames are steel reinforced to hold up strong in all types of weather. In fact, our hopper windows exceed existing building code requirements and are hurricane rated to keep your home protected in the face of even the most intense storms.

If you’d like to learn more about having top-of-the-line hopper windows installed on your home, contact Regency Plus Windows today.

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