Time Replace Customers Windows

As a supplier of high-quality window products, we want home improvement businesses to be able to help their customers be aware of the signs they should look for that it’s time for window replacement.

* Windows with broken locks or cracked glass not only pose a safety hazard for building occupants, they also compromise your clients’ security, enabling trespassers and other criminals to gain easy entry.

* Any condensation of moisture trapped between the glass in summer or the build-up of frost in the winter is a sure sign that it’s time to replace the window because the original seal is faulty.

* When a window gets stuck in the open or closed position, or clients find it difficult to open or close them, you need to consider installing new units that will operate fully and smoothly without any struggle.

* Window frames that have begun to rot or wood that is beginning to crumble around any window can result in moisture damage that breeds mold and unhealthy living conditions for those living or working in the home or office building.

. If you touch the glass during summer months and it’s hot, or you can feel that the glass is freezing cold in the winter, it’s a sign that your windows are no longer properly insulating you from outside temperatures. It’s also likely that the glass is allowing harmful UV sunlight to enter your rooms, causing damage and fading to your furnishings, carpeting, flooring, and curtains.

* If your clients’ home or building was constructed more than 20 years ago, it’s very likely that window replacement is warranted because the style of the glass and frames no longer looks modern and attractive or performs optimally.

Noticing any of the above signs means it’s time for your clients to think about replacing their windows and Regency Plus Windows has many options to meet your clients’ and your needs as well as your budget.