Window Manufacturer Adding Manufacturing Shifts to Help FL Panhandle Rebuild after Hurricane Michael

Recently, Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle area, damaging and even outright destroying many businesses and homes. Highly destructive hurricanes such as that one should serve as a reminder that business and home protection must be a paramount concern for people who live in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes and other natural disasters. As this sort of extreme weather becomes more widespread, there will be growing urgency for builders and homeowners to take proactive steps and to use safer products to protect present and future homes and businesses. Home improvement companies should strive to provide the safest products available to better safeguard homes.

A very important aspect of home protection is preserving and shielding the home exterior from extreme weather like hurricanes. To this end, Regency Plus Windows by Regency Plus will be offering a valuable service to both home improvement companies and to area contractors. This service will consist of Regency Plus Windows adding extra manufacturing shifts to increase their volume of impact windows to those businesses. Regency Plus Windows’ non-impact and impact windows will comply with the requirements set by both the State of Florida Code and the Miami Dade Code. To provide this service as efficiently as possible, Regency Plus Windows is waiving the usual dealer sign-on fees and is expediting all orders made to serve Florida’s time of need.

All products created by Regency Plus Windows have been rigorously inspected and passed for use before being delivered to serve business and home-building needs. Quality is extremely important to this company, so all vendors and suppliers are carefully hand-picked to guarantee that only the high-quality parts are used in the creation of its windows. Full-order delivery is guaranteed to be on-time without exceptions, and the windows will always be delivered ready to be immediately installed. Regency Plus Windows will also assist home building companies with profitable marketing and manufacturing technical support, as well as 24/7/365 sales, to generate leads and long-term customers. In addition to all of the above, Regency Plus Windows will extend a lifetime warranty to repair and replace any vinyl or insulated glass that is discovered to be defective, a warranty which is non-prorated, transferable, and free-of-charge.

Proactive steps such as impact-resistant windows and improved exterior defense are invaluable for areas that are hit with intolerable weather such as experienced by the Florida Panhandle area. Regency Plus Windows by Regency Plus is offering a huge opportunity for many homes and businesses that could certainly benefit from the added security. When disaster strikes, windows provided by Regency Plus Windows will be seen as a wise and financially sound investment for both home and business protection.

Regency Plus Windows will have our factory representatives stationed in the Florida Panhandle the week of January 7th, 2019. If you are looking for a window manufacturer with experience and knowledge in the home improvement industry for the upcoming impending high demand in Impact Windows that will be required due to post Hurricane Michael’s damage to your community’s homes, please let us help you to meet your customers’ specific individual needs by reaching out to us to schedule a visit to your location. We look forward to working with you to help your company to rebuild your community with our quality products.