What Makes a Window Weather Resistant?

Regardless of the climate in the area that your home improvement company serves, weather-resistant windows are going to be a popular choice among homeowners. Especially considering weather resistance will often accompany durability and energy efficiency, such windows are always a great long-term investment for anyone to make. But how exactly can you determine which window type will be the most weather resistant? Typically, it has to do with the window’s material.

While there are measures that homeowners can take to make their windows more weather resistant regardless of the type of material it’s made from, some window types are simply built to be stronger when it comes to withstanding the elements. Such is the case with vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows Lead the Way in Weather Resistance

Vinyl windows are often known for their weather resistance, as they are designed to stand up against all that Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it’s extreme heat, heavy rainstorms, snow, or hail, they hold up against it all without cracking, chipping, warping, peeling, rotting, or deteriorating. As a result, these weather-resistant windows can be relied on to maintain their beautiful like-new appearance and provide fantastic thermal performance for a long time to come.

Install Weather-Resistant Windows From Regency Plus Windows

Regency Plus Windows manufactures exceptional weather-resistant windows that homeowners love. Our vinyl replacement windows offer eye-catching beauty and feature steel-reinforced frames, as well as double or triple impact-resistant glass, making them the complete package for homeowners wanting excellence across the board.

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