What Kind of Glass is Best for Replacement Windows?

When was the last time you sat back and evaluated the quality of the replacement windows you install for the homeowners you serve? If it’s been a while, consider doing so, and especially focus on the glass that is used to craft them. Is it the kind that will make for optimal thermal performance and exceptional durability? Perhaps it’s not. But don’t worry, there’s a solution that will benefit both you and your customers greatly.

What Homeowners Expect Out of Their Replacement Windows’ Glass

Homeowners typically have unique needs, but it’s a fact that energy efficiency is a significant priority for many, regardless of the project they’re investing in. It’s even more true with replacement windows, which are highly responsible for the thermal performance of a home. That’s part of what makes a window’s glass so important, as it can make or break the effectiveness of the window itself. Multi-pane glass is great for reducing heat transfer, which can save energy by lessening the amount of output it takes for the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Not to mention, less heat transfer and less energy used can lead to savings for your customers on their monthly heating and cooling costs.

Beyond just being energy-efficient, a window’s glass needs to be durable. Its ability to withstand severe weather and heavy impacts is extremely important, especially in areas of the country that experience unforgiving storms on a frequent basis. That’s why replacement windows with impact-resistant glass are such worthwhile investments.

Top-of-the-Line Replacement Windows From Seasoned Professionals

If you’re looking to install replacement windows that feature glass that is both energy efficient and impact resistant, partner with the experienced team at Regency Plus Windows. We have been manufacturing exceptional products since 1997, using double or triple impact-resistant glass to ensure the utmost durability. Plus, our windows are ENERGY STAR® rated, which means they’re sure to provide outstanding energy efficiency for years to come.

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