Tips for Naming Your Window Replacement Business

Tips for Naming Your Window Replacement Company

If you’re new to the replacement window business, first of all, welcome! You’re sure to have plenty of questions and hesitations as you start to build your company from the ground up, but all of the hard days and nights will feel worthwhile once you’re thriving the way you should be. One of the earliest obstacles there is when you’re entering this industry is deciding what to name your company. It may sound funny and a little overdramatic, but this decision may very well be right up there with choosing what to name your children. After all, branding is everything in today’s world, so you’re going to need a name that you can build that brand on. If you’ve found yourself at a dead end in this process and you’re looking for some help, let us be of assistance!

Determine What Makes Your Company Unique

If you’re having trouble finding a starting point for your brainstorming, consider what you want your window replacement company to be all about. Of course, you’re going to want to offer great windows, provide flawless installation work, and deliver friendly service, but what’s going to be that one unique thing that sets your company apart from others? If you can find one—or more—of those things, it could be the perfect springboard for helping you find the right name.

Consider Using a Catchy Acronym

Acronyms are always easier to remember, which is why they often make for great company names. Whether it’s an acronym based off of your company’s values or the names of your partners within the company, it can certainly work. It may sound simple, but that’s part of its genius, as potential customers will be able to easily keep it in mind.

Think Locally & Geographically

This may be a little tricky if you hope to expand your company’s service area one day, but coming up with a name that ties in with the local climate or culture you’re based in can be a great idea. Doing so makes it clear to the community that you’re a local company with roots and a vested interest in the area and its homeowners.

Using Your Name Is a Tried-&-True Idea

If one thing is for sure, it’s that you can’t go wrong with using your family name in your company name. Not only does that give your business a bit of a personal touch, but it also can be a great honor for your family—especially if your company may one day be passed on to other generations.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Name

This may sound rich considering we’re not in your shoes, but try not to overthink the name! As much as you do want it to be unique and meaningful, it doesn’t have to be over the top. Find what feels right and go with it! And if it’s any comfort, rebranding is always an option down the line.

Always Verify the Originality of Your Company’s Name

Once you have your window replacement company’s name picked out, it would be smart to verify its originality. Standing out is key, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you can establish your brand the way you’d want. You may find that there are too many other companies with the same name, and there could even be some copyright and licensing issues that you can avoid before you get too attached to the name you picked.

Got Your Name Picked Out? Partner With a Trusted Window Manufacturer!

If you’ve got your name picked out—or even if you’ve narrowed down your ideas—you’re almost ready to take your next step! Plenty of unknowns and learning curves may lie ahead for you and your company, but those can be made much easier when you partner with a window manufacturer you can trust. That’s exactly what Regency Plus Windows can be for you. Since 1997, we have proven to be a reliable manufacturer with dealers ranging from the New England area all the way down to Florida. We’re sure you’ll love working with us, as setting you up for success is what we’re meant to do.

To learn more about making us your go-to window manufacturerreach out to Regency Plus Windows today. We can’t wait for you to become a window dealer in our expansive network!