Hurricane Season Calls For High Performance Windows

With Florida vulnerable to hurricanes and a hurricane season that lasts several months of the year, high performance windows are a very smart choice. They offer protection from flying debris while allowing light and the beauty of nature to shine through at other times.

What do they do?
High impact windows meet the Miami-Dade Impact Resistance criteria for certification and have been approved by the state of Florida. Built to withstand a designed pressure in excess of 150 mph, they have a Wind Resistance DP +55/-55.

Having windows that withstand winds that are unusually strong offers a level of comfort, security and peace-of-mind that is worth their cost. Wind-born debris is always a danger during a hurricane or extremely high wind. Flying debris can become missiles that crack windows and shatter glass. With high performance windows, you will not have this danger to worry about.

With impact levels that meet the approval of builders as well as homeowners, these windows have a proven performance that is certified by the Miami-Dade County and the Florida Building Code.

June to November
From June 1st to November 30th, Florida experiences an Atlantic season that lasts months. September is the height of the season, so it is about to begin. Even when the season seems calm, with less storms, it only takes one large storm to make a memorable hurricane season that has a major impact.

No matter how active or inactive the season, residents need to prepare for hurricanes by having a hurricane preparedness plan in place as well as protection for their homes.
Having windows that withstand winds give added assurance to those who live in Florida; they can consider windows with wind resistance DP +55/-55 to protect family and belongings from the high winds associated with hurricanes.

Designed to hold up
Since they are designed to hold up with impact levels that are certified, homes in the Miami-Dade area can have lower energy costs through the use of high performance glass.

They insulate against heat or cold, resulting in lower energy bills. Homes with windows that are high performance have higher resale values, as security and updated features are always in the minds of prospective buyers.

By replacing your old window panes, you can make your home safer this season. Adding windows that are easy to clean and beautiful also has added benefits for you and your family. Give us a call at Regency Plus Windows to learn more.