How Well-Built Replacement Windows Can Help Keep Your Customers’ Homes Secure

How Well-Built Windows Can Help Keep Your Customers' Homes Secure

As a home improvement contractor, your duty is to provide your customers with the best products the market has to offer. Of course, finding “the best” means taking a variety of factors into account, with one of the most important being security. After all, everyone wants to feel like they’re safe in their home, so as a contractor, you should partner with a manufacturer that designs their windows with great security in mind. But what makes a secure, well-built window? Allow Regency Plus Windows to help break it down.

Durable Material

You can tell a lot about how well built a window is by the material it’s made with. You’re going to want to install windows that don’t crack, chip, warp, or rot over time, no matter the weather conditions they’re put through. Because think about it: if a product isn’t made with a durable material and is susceptible to deterioration, it’s hard to count on its ability to protect a home against weather, impact, and intruders.

Reinforced Frames

While the material of a window needs to be strong on its own, you know you’ve found a well-built window when its frames are reinforced. It may not feel like an absolute necessity, but when it comes to home security, why would you pass on the chance to add another layer of protection? Windows with steel-reinforced frames are far more likely to withstand impact or prying from an intruder.

Glass Type

The type of glass that a window has is probably the most important factor in how well built it is for security purposes. Those with multiple panes of glass—and especially those with impact-resistant glass—are going to be more than suitable for those looking to protect their home from impact that comes from severe weather or even an errant ball thrown when the kids are playing.

Where to Find Well-Built Replacement Windows for Your Customers

Since 1997, Regency Plus Windows has been providing contractors from New England down to Florida with well-built replacement windows that are designed to deliver exceptional security for homes. These windows check all the boxes laid out above, as they are crafted with a strong vinyl material, feature steel-reinforced frames, and made with double or triple impact-resistant glass. If these are the well-built windows that you think your customers would like (they will), we’d love for you to become a window dealer in our expansive network! For more information about our products, contact Regency Plus Windows today.