How Long Will a Window Replacement Take?

When you’re discussing your window replacement services with prospective customers, questions have likely come up about turnaround times for the projects you do. Are you hesitant to give concrete timeframes? Many home improvement contractors are, simply due to the unpredictability of manufacturers and volume—both of the manufacturers’ orders as well as your own projects.

However, the process can be a lot smoother if you can count on your manufacturer to fulfill your window orders with consistent quickness. If you eliminate the unknown that is often experienced when you put in a replacement window order, everything can unfold much more quickly. Having an understanding of just how seamless the process can be will help you turn those question-dodging answers into promises you can keep.

What Goes Into the Window Replacement Process?

The start of the window replacement process will vary from contractor to contractor. Perhaps you’re one of the companies that likes to have products in stock and ready to go whenever a homeowner comes calling, or maybe you execute custom orders whenever you get them from a customer. Either way, step one is generally the trickiest, as it involves your manufacturer.

If your manufacturer is unpredictable, it can throw off the whole timeline of your replacement project. However, having a go-to company that provides quick turnaround times will speed things up significantly. Once you make your order and the manufacturer fulfills and ships it, the rest of the timeline can play out according to your schedule. By taking control of the process out of the hands of your manufacturer, it allows you to set up appointments and installations much more easily.

Helping Our Dealers Provide Quick Turnaround Times for Their Projects

Perhaps you’re thinking that all manufacturers can lag on orders and as a result, they don’t view fast service as a main priority. Well, that’s not the case with Regency Plus Windows. We turn orders around in just four days—meaning you’ll get your order on the fourth day. When you partner with us, you can be sure that your orders will always be delivered on time, plus we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time!

For more information about the quick replacement window turnaround times we offer for our dealers, contact Regency Plus Windows today. We look forward to hearing from you!