Houston Efforts

After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 2017, Regency Plus Windows made it their top priority to help the victims of this natural disaster. They set up a collection for the entire month of September to gather items to help the people of Houston. Some of these items included bottled water, shampoo, pet food, non-perishable foods, tooth brush, and paste, as well as many other items that would help the Harvey victims. Drop off locations were set up, one at the Regency Training Center in Pottsville, Pa. and one at the Regency Plus, Inc. location in Mount Carmel, PA., for the members of our community to help pay it forward.

Other local companies such as Pioneer Pole Building, Boyer’s in Pottsville, and Perception Early Training also joined in to give back, and many high schools in the area also took part in collecting and donating the hurricane relief effort.

With all the donations pouring in for the hurricane victims in Houston and Florida WNEP-TV 16 visited Regency Plus Windows to learn more about how our windows are made. Regency Plus Windows are strong because the frames are supported by steel allowing our windows to withstand impact damage from projectiles moving 140 miles per hour.

With all the donations from everyone in the community Regency Plus Windows was able to send a truck every week to the people of Houston for a total of 6 loads. The people of Houston greatly appreciated these donations, people swarmed the van, waiting in line and some even crying in relief.

Conservations Windows would like to thank everyone who donated to the hurricane relief efforts! With special thanks to Boyer’s in Pottsville, Michelle Dallago, and Perception Early Learning in Pottsville for all your generous donations. We would also like to thank our friend Erik Shuman for all his hard work and transporting all the contributions to our Mount Carmel facility.

If you have the opportunity to pay-it-forward and our friends and the families in Houston, Florida, or any other area that has been impacted by these natural disasters, every donation is greatly appreciated by those struggling to get back to normalcy.