Guide to Being a Window Replacement Company in a Hurricane-Prone Area

Guide to Being a Window Replacement Company in a Hurricane-Prone Area

One big key to being a reliable home improvement contractor is to possess an in-depth knowledge of what homeowners in your area are looking for. In the same way that marketers are always needing to know their audiences, you should know your customers. And if you’re a window replacement company in a hurricane-prone area, it’s exceptionally important to be aware of the pain points that your homeowners continually deal with.

Of course, living in a region that experiences intense hurricane seasons can come with a great deal of risk, so residents have to take extra precautions to ensure that their homes are prepared for the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. As a trusted window company, it’s up to you to help them get to a point where they feel comfortable and confident about how well their windows will protect their home the next time a storm comes rolling in. How do you go about doing that? Let us help.

Ensure That You’re Offering Durable Windows to the Homeowners You Serve

The most important thing you can do as a window company in a hurricane-prone area is offer your customers windows that are designed and constructed to stand strong against all kinds of weather. Durability is a desired trait in windows for any homeowner, but it’s a necessity for anyone living in an area that is vulnerable to severe storms.

So, as you’re looking through your options for who to source your windows from, be sure that who you ultimately decide on manufactures windows with impact-resistant glass and durably constructed frames. Being able to tout the strength and longevity that your windows will provide for a home will help your reputation as the area’s go-to source for top-notch hurricane windows.

Work With the Utmost Precision During Your Installation Projects

As good as an impact-resistant window might be, it won’t be able to provide the advertised protection for a home if it’s improperly installed. That’s why, as a company, you need to be sure that your team is properly trained and up to date on all of the latest industry best practices. Not to mention, it’s important that you measure the home’s window openings before completing the installation so that you can provide a precise installation that leaves no gaps and vulnerabilities. If you show that you can flawlessly install top-of-the-line windows that protect against high wind speeds and severe weather, you’re sure to see your company quickly become a trusted resource within the areas you serve.

Work With a Manufacturer You Can Count on for Unmatched Quality

Ultimately, your success as a window company in a hurricane-prone area will largely come down to the window manufacturer you partner with. You need to offer exceptionally crafted windows that homeowners will have confidence in, and that’s where our team at Regency Plus Windows can help. Since 1997, we have been manufacturing top-tier vinyl replacement windows that feature double or triple impact-resistant glass and steel-reinforced frames for the ultimate durability. In fact, these windows are so well-protected against impact that you could swing a bowling ball at them and they’ll hold strong. These are the types of windows you should be installing for homeowners in hurricane-prone regions.

Plus, when you work with Regency Plus Windows, you can benefit from far more than just the windows we manufacture. We treat our dealers to a whole new level of partnership, offering product and sales training as well as extra marketing support so that they are set up for long-term success. We want to see your company become the first name that people think of for first-class windows that are going to protect their homes from Mother Nature’s worst.

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