Custom Options Available Replacement Windows

Custom Options Available Replacement Windows

Replacement windows give your home greater energy efficiency, update the appearance of your home, and increase your homes value. For a truly custom look, Regency Plus Windows has several products that offer unique and appealing choices.

Wood Color and Interior Woodgrains 

The color of the frame of a window can either enhance or detract from the appeal of a house. It’s also true that what looks great on the outside may not work well with the decor of the room the window opens into.

To help you find just the right look, Regency Plus Windows has several options to choose from.

– Euro-White. This option gives you a solid white frame for both the inside and outside of the window.

– Solid Tan. Solid Tan is your choice if you want a medium buff wood color for the inside and outside frame.

– White In/Tan Out. This combination has a Tan frame on the outside and a White frame on the inside.

– White In/Brown Out. If you like a deeper wood tone than the Tan, our Brown is a rich, milk-chocolate brown. This window has Brown on the outside and White on the inside.

– Woodgrain In/White Out. Woodgrain is a dark oak with visible grain. It gives your interior the classic look of wood-frame windows. On the outside, this option gives your home the fresh look of White.

Windows Interior Grids 

Once you have chosen the color of your window frames, you can choose the style and color of the interior grids. The grids are enclosed to give a smooth surface that’s easy to clean.

Our grids are crafted to your specific needs, so you can have the right look for each window. Each option is available in dark oak, tan and white to coordinate with the frame color you have chosen.

– Colonial. Our Colonial grid divides your windows into the traditional rectangular panes.

– Diamond. The Diamond grid has bars oriented diagonally to create a series of diamond-shaped panes.

– Prairie. The Prairie grid has horizontal bars close to the top and bottom of the window and vertical bars close to each side. This gives you a large, open pane in the center for great visibility.

– Classic Double Prairie. This option has the same configuration as the Prairie grid, but there are two closely-spaced bars instead of one.

Grooved Glass 

If you want something a bit different from a standard grid, you might want to have grooved glass installed in one or more windows. Grooves are carved into the window glass to create attractive patterns without the actual structure of a grid. We offer this option in Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Classic Double Prairie designs.