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Any experienced home improvement contractor knows how important it is to partner with reliable manufacturers. Being able to promptly deliver top-notch products to the homeowners you serve plays a significant role in determining your success, which is why working with a manufacturer that you can’t consistently count on will harm your business. Luckily for contractors in New York, there’s a window manufacturer that has proven to be an outstanding partner time and again since 1997: Regency Plus Windows.

Regency Plus Windows has long been one of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, not only for the outstanding replacement windows we reliably craft and deliver but also for the unparalleled level of support that we provide for our dealers. In serving contractors from New England down to Florida, we have shown time after time that we’re the kind of partner that makes life easier for those we work with. Countless dealers can attest to that, and we would love for you to join that bunch!

A Window Manufacturer That Offers the Best Across the Board

For decades now, Regency Plus Windows has been a window manufacturer that offers more than just great products—we provide true partnership to our dealers. There are plenty of reasons why we have become such a popular team to work with, as we offer:

  • Top-of-the-line replacement windows – When it comes to partnering with the right window manufacturer, the caliber of products being offered is obviously paramount. Our vinyl windows are beautiful, durable, secure, and energy efficient, plus they are available in all of the great styles that homeowners love.
  • Guaranteed on-time deliveries – We can be trusted to turn your window order around in as little as three days, meaning you’ll have it on the fourth day. This allows you to provide accurate time estimates to your customers while keeping a schedule for your installation team that’s easy to manage.
  • Product and sales training – We’re more than just a window manufacturer—we’re a business partner. That’s why we offer product and sales training to our dealers, working to set them up for exceptional longevity in this industry.
  • Marketing materials – If you think your company could benefit from extra marketing support, we’re more than happy to help. Given our experience, we can be trusted to provide you with tools that allow you to properly market to the homeowners in your service area.
  • Extra benefits – For those of our dealers that sell a considerable amount of windows, we offer territory exclusivity in addition to the opportunity to white-label our products.

Some window manufacturers will simply fulfill your orders, deliver them, and call it a day. But, where is the relationship in that? How can you truly feel like a priority when your manufacturer treats you like just another paycheck? When you partner with Regency Plus Windows, you’ll get a different feeling. We will truly offer you 24/7/365 support because we care about your success just as much as you do, and when you’re having that success, we’ll be right there to celebrate alongside you.

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