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If you’re a home improvement contractor in Columbia, South Carolina, there is no better window manufacturer to partner with than Regency Plus Windows. Since 1997, we have been a reliable source for exceptional replacement windows that offer the most in the way of beauty, security, energy efficiency, and durability. Plus, when you choose us as your go-to window manufacturing company, you get more than the ability to install our outstanding products for your customers—you get a real partner that will give you support however and whenever you need it.

A Window Manufacturer Offering Top-Tier Products That Homeowners Love

At Regency Plus Windows, we craft replacement windows that provide excellence across the board. These beautiful products are certainly befitting of a top-notch window manufacturer, as they feature steel-reinforced frames and double or triple impact-resistant glass for optimal durability and security, as well as great energy efficiency. They are ENERGY STAR® rated, which can mean savings on both energy usage and monthly heating and cooling costs. If the homeowners you serve want the best, our replacements are going to leave them satisfied.

Securing Homes Against Columbia’s Climate with Three Glass Options

Regency Plus windows present three specialized choices to protect your home in the South Carolina climate. The Hurricane Category 5 impact windows surpass Miami Dade standards for pressure and impact resistance, offering unmatched protection against the forces of nature.

For areas beyond hurricane-prone zones, we provide a slightly lower-rated window that still ensures robust protection suitable for varying climate zones. Striking a balance between performance and practicality, this option guarantees optimal functionality in regions with distinct weather patterns.

Our comprehensive product line includes windows designed for regions not susceptible to hurricanes. Although lacking specific hurricane protection features, these windows maintain the same sturdy structure, differing only in the glass package. This consistent design underscores the reliability of Regency Plus windows across diverse landscapes, delivering quality and craftsmanship regardless of geographical boundaries.

Premier Patio Door Manufacturer

Beyond our proficiency in windows, we proudly stand as a premier patio door manufacturer. Supplying dealers with crucial materials for projects of all scales, our patio doors showcase a commitment to excellence. Meticulously crafted, these doors feature twin-point locking systems, anti-theft security bars, and insulating frames and glass. This precision in design guarantees that our patio doors not only meet but exceed the performance expectations of your customers. Prioritizing products that embody security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, we establish ourselves as a trusted choice for comprehensive door solutions.

The Window Manufacturer to Call When You Want a True Partner

When you work with a window manufacturing company long-term, you’re going to want more than just stellar products. That’s why Regency Plus Windows is so intent on being a reliable partner at all times. We ensure on-time deliveries of our great windows, but even more than that, we can help you in a variety of other ways, whether it’s with product and sales training, marketing materials, or white labeling opportunities. When you choose us as your window manufacturer, you can count on us for 24/7/365 support. You can’t beat that.

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