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As a home improvement contractor in Savannah, Georgia, when you’re choosing between the different window manufacturers out there, what do you consider? Is it product quality? Fast turnaround times? A true partner you can always rely on? Truthfully, the best window manufacturers check all three of those boxes. And at Regency Plus Windows, we’re proud to be in that group. Since 1997, we have been making life easier for contractors and replacement window distributors throughout the U.S. by being dependable 24/7/365.

What We Can Offer as Your Go-To Window Manufacturer

At Regency Plus Windows, we understand that to be a top-tier window manufacturing company, we need to stop at nothing to satisfy our network of dealers. As a result, we offer:

A Wide Variety of Popular Window Styles

Our dedication lies in crafting windows that are not just functional but also seamlessly blend with and enhance the overall aesthetic and performance of your home. We understand that windows are more than just openings; they are essential elements contributing to your home’s character, energy efficiency, and functionality. We manufacture replacement windows in the following styles:

First-Class Replacement Window Options

While our replacement windows are available in a wide range of popular styles, perhaps their most impressive feature is their strength and accompanying security. Any home investment should be made with safety and security in mind, which is why we use steel-reinforced frames and double or triple impact-resistant glass. The result is a product that will withstand Mother Nature’s worst, as well as efforts of any intruders.

Regency Plus Windows Featuring Endur Spacers

Regency Plus Windows, which incorporate Endur Spacers manufactured by Cardinal Glass Industries, offer a unique blend of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. These windows are designed to provide lasting beauty and functionality to your home, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

In the realm of windows, durability is a pivotal factor as it ensures that your investment remains intact, maintaining its performance and aesthetics over the years. The emphasis on endurance, coupled with performance, highlights the commitment of Regency Plus Windows to deliver not just visually appealing windows but also ones that stand strong against the challenges of time and usage.

Speedy Turnaround Times

For many replacement window distributors, quick turnarounds are key in their search for a reliable manufacturer. With us, you can feel confident that we’ll fulfill your orders within four days—meaning you’ll have it by the fourth day. Our team ensures on-time delivery always, as well as 100% satisfaction with our craftsmanship.

A Collaborative Partnership

Choosing to partner with Regency Plus Windows is choosing to have a manufacturer that will be just as invested in your company as you are. We care about your success, which is why we offer sales and product training, as well as constant availability to answer any questions you may have.

Leading Patio Door Manufacturer

Our expertise extends beyond windows; we also take pride in being a leading patio door manufacturer, equipping dealers with all the necessary materials for even the most extensive projects. Our patio doors, designed with twin-point locking systems, anti-theft security bars, and insulating frames and glass, deliver the performance that your customers will unquestionably value.

Become a Window Dealer in Our Expansive Network Today

If you’re ready to become a window dealer in our nationwide network, contact Regency Plus Windows today. We would love to further discuss what we can offer your Savannah, GA, business when you choose us as your window manufacturer.

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