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Regency Plus Windows by Regency Plus is a manufacturer of high-quality, performance driven windows.

With the destruction following Hurricane Michael, we will be adding manufacturing shifts to produce additional impact windows to have available to area contractors and home improvement companies. We have a full line of windows, both impact and non-impact and all our windows meet the State of Florida and Miami Dade code.

If you’re in need of windows to help Florida rebuild, we’re waving dealer sign on fees and expediting all orders.

We pride ourselves on our windows, but we also have a lot more to offer. We are committed to helping home improvement companies transform their business, with tailored profitability 24/7/365 sales, marketing, and manufacturing support, exclusive territories, and full order delivery on-time, every time, and so much more. Quality is our driving force and we guarantee that every product has been closely inspected and passed for use with Regency Plus Windows, so you know you can expect the best from us.

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