Conservation Windows is Now Regency Plus Windows

If you’re searching for industry-leading Conservation Windows, you’re in the right place. Conservation Windows is undergoing a brand change and is now known as Regency Plus Windows. This shift is designed to better align with our mission and product offerings.

While our name has changed, what hasn’t is our dedication to providing top-notch products and exceptional service. Our core values, quality standards, and the comprehensive support we offer to our dealers are stronger than ever.

Quality Products and Service You Can Count On

What does the change from Conservation Windows to Regency Plus Windows mean for our dealer and contractor partners? When it comes to the quality of our replacement windows, nothing at all!

Our replacement windows remain a testament to our unwavering commitment to precision engineering and craftmanship. Crafted with steel-reinforced frames and double or triple-panel glass with impact-resistant models available, our windows are customized to meet the needs of customers in your market. They are not only durable but also ENERGY STAR® rated, offering energy efficiency that benefits both homeowners and the environment. Whether it’s hurricane-resistant windows built to Miami Dade County standards or customized solutions for other climate zones, we have you covered.

Additionally, Regency Plus Windows remains committed to providing industry-leading dealer support. From on-site training for your installers and sales teams to 24/7 customer service and transparent web-based ordering, we make your business operations smooth and efficient.

Learn More About Regency Plus Windows

If you’d like to learn more about our brand change from Conservation Windows to Regency Plus Windows, simply reach out. We’re always happy to discuss our top-of-the-line replacement windows with dealers throughout the eastern United States and Texas.

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