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In many ways, the quality of the manufacturers you work with can directly correlate to your success—or lack thereof—as a home improvement company. So, whether you’re a newer or more seasoned contractor, take a moment to consider what you’re looking for in a window manufacturer. The caliber of products they offer should be a significant sticking point, but the reliability with which they fulfill orders and the level of support they offer their dealers should matter greatly as well. In other words, finding a well-rounded manufacturer is key.

If you’re a contractor in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the search for a well-rounded window manufacturer isn’t a difficult one. You can simply turn to Regency Plus Windows, a team that has been serving companies from New England down to Florida since 1997. We’re known not just for our vinyl replacement windows, as impeccable as they are. Rather, we’re known for being a true partner to the dealers in our network. Speaking of which, we would love for you to become one so you can set yourself up for many years of success in this industry.

What Makes Us the Best Window Manufacturer to Partner With?

Regency Plus Windows has always made it a point to stand out from other window manufacturers in every facet imaginable. That’s why, when you become a window dealer of ours, you can count on:

Having the Ability to Install Top-Tier Replacement Windows for Your Customers

Of course, when it comes to determining the right window manufacturer to partner with, there’s no substitute for first-class products. When you work with Regency Plus Windows, you can expect to install vinyl windows that homeowners adore. Our windows check all the boxes for what homeowners need, as they are visually appealing, energy efficient, secure, and durable. Not to mention, we offer our products in all of the most popular styles, so you can be sure that you’ll have whatever your customers are searching for.

Benefitting From Guaranteed On-Time Deliveries

Providing your customers with accurate estimates regarding the timelines of their projects is paramount, and Regency Plus Windows is aware of that. That’s why we make everything easier on our dealers by ensuring on-time deliveries and fulfilling orders in as little as three days. When you can reliably count on your manufacturer to deliver your windows on time, it can make your life as a contractor much easier, especially when it comes to scheduling jobs.

Partnership That Other Window Manufacturers Simply Don’t Match

As important as our replacement windows and on-time deliveries are, what truly sets Regency Plus Windows apart from other window manufacturers is the level of partnership we provide to our dealers. When you become a part of our family of dealers, you can benefit from product and sales training, extra marketing materials, and 24/7/365 support from our team. We want to help set you up for long-term success, and when you’re having that success, you can trust that we’ll be right there to celebrate with you. That’s what partners are for.

Become a Window Dealer in Our Network Today

To learn more about what makes us the window manufacturer you should partner with so that you can best serve your Allentown, PA, customers, reach out to Regency Plus Windows today. We can’t wait to have you become a window dealer in our expansive network!

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